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    Help forum and Common Room

    Greetings fellow fishing persons The addition of a common room would be nice , but the help thread is already set under the troubleshooting/feedback thread why change we do need to keep up with the smiths ) just my two fish Masta
  2. masta


    I follow the game forum on my smart phone the format works just fine. However when i enter the game thru the bigbait.com web site the game only shows 1/4 the page and is not re-sizeable ,i understand this is probably do to the site formatting. so I'm wondering can we expect the game to come out in a app or format that can be played via smartphone are there any plans for this in the future? Masta.
  3. masta

    Ships Idle warning flag/icon

    Greetings captain: I think in my humble opinion the current system is sufficient as it stands , as it tells you in the welcome back pop up when you log back in how many idle ( with out trips) ships you have as well as the Zzz's on the ships with out trips center bottom of your screen and if out they have a number indicating the amount of trips left.
  4. Greetings & Salutations fellow Sailors I was wondering how the search for mods in En1 was going? Some of us would be thankful to see a few in General chat as the trolls and flamers are almost always in control to the point of many Players now stay out of general chat, pity and god be with a new player that should make the mistake of entering . for they shell be hammered This i am sure leaves a bad impression on new players,I have recommended Big Bait to a few friends, co-workers and family some came played and left because of being insulted 1st day 1st time in gen chat. others are still playing but do not go into any of the chats because of their experience with the trolls and flamers in general and help chat. I am speaking out on this because many are worried of retaliation by the known flamers and trolls Ghosting the forum as well. This is a SEVERE problem and in this Gamers opinion a stain on the name and reputation Of Big Bait as well as unikat media GmbH. In closing thank you for the place to express these concerns and in advance for your time and effort in this matter . Masta
  5. masta

    Internal Raw Materials Trading

    I believe this would give players that join a company a unfair advantage over players who decide they do not want to be part of a company, to be fair it would have to be available to all players such as a private trade tab . were any player could meet with any other player to do private trades . But over all it seems like a like something to many would abuse .