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  1. May I suggest that players be allowed to choose what raw materials they can produce rather than the current 3-way split? Lower level and new players who are always short of raw materials could then choose to produce, say, only wood, only metal or only plastics to help them produce more in their company fish factories.
  2. May I suggest that, when players are in "Route Plan" mode and want to select a particular fish type from the "Select Fishing Ground" tab, that the fish types are re-organised into alphabetic order rather than the current mixed up list. It would improve fish type selection and look more professional. http://prntscr.com/efi16j
  3. Shytalk

    Improving Fishing Ground selection

    It would be really nice to have the English version alphabetical as well tho'. Just saying...........
  4. Shytalk


    if you are asking about the ability to motivate a team member's ship(s) then you click on the member's ship and pay 2 gold bars to motivate it for an hour - gives a 10% uplift to the boat's performance. Note: you cannot motivate your own ships. Other than that a good flogging usually does the trick or some keel hauling can be a nice change for them
  5. Shytalk

    Avatar change

    Twig. you got things a bit wrong there. If you read the message sent to all it clearly stated that the avatars would be given more variety (due to requests for same) on this last update and that the game gave everyone 10 gold bars to change their avatar more to their liking. So no hack. Improved game.
  6. Shytalk

    Welcome to the new moderators

    Thanks Wanderer. Must have missed your post earlier. Appreciate the support
  7. Shytalk

    Vacation Mode

    Would it be possible for a team member in a company to have their "online/offline" button go red when they activate vacation mode. It would help me a lot. Thanks.
  8. Can I suggest that, when non-newbies apply to join a company, that a "previous history" of companies they have been with is displayed? This way we could contact previous companies for a reference and reduce the number of dead weights we allow in and then have to kick out for not contributing to the team. Thanks.
  9. Shytalk

    Internal Raw Materials Trading

    Great idea Biloxicabman and if we could extend the idea to the Reps as well cos these are the guys who invest lots of time and effort in their company so would be less likely to abuse the system. We have got to learn to trust each other and that the majority want to play the game honestly.
  10. To help low level players who join a company and struggle with limited resources could you consider adding a new tab in the Trade Office which would be similar to the Raw Materials market where players in the same company can trade raw materials with each other and avoid the risk of going to the open market when offering Raw at cheap prices to help their team members? Higher level players in a company would then be able to help their new team members or newbies joining the company to have the resources to grow faster.
  11. Shytalk

    Patch on February 21, 2017

    We use surveys a lot to allow our members to vote on which upgrades they want next. Helps members feel involved more in the running of the company. Would love to have it restored as a company tool please
  12. Shytalk

    Issue: Warehouse amount of company

    Sall, thanks for the heads up on this. I will warn our company not to level up too far to the point where we cannot do anything. I am sure the game devs will consider the expansion as a needed function as more companies reach the higher echelons such as yours.
  13. Shytalk

    Fishing Competition not scoring

    I'm not a newbie Sall. I understand about warehousing, assignments and pcs. This is none of those it is a fishing comp. One of your members is playing it as well, now.
  14. The current fishing competition is not scoring my catch usually every second run to Maplefield Port. Can this be sorted?
  15. Shytalk

    Fishing Competition not scoring

    It is nothing to do with warehousing. I watch it live on screen. For my ships to return to the fishing ground and then return straight back to the port is not the norm. It reduces my catch total for the competition because my ships are going to the port, the unloading ring completes for each ship but no score for that second run and they return to the fishing ground to begin fishing - so reduced time overall in the competition. This is a game glitch. Nothing more than that. The catch score is not counting in the competition score in the ranking table for the competition for some of my trips to port. It has nothing to do with any other aspect of the game as my other ships (not in the competition) are performing normally. My warehouse was empty before the comp started and is only at 66% now. I do know how to set things up before joining a competition. I posted it in the hope that one of the Devs would see it quickly and act on it fast to make my opportunity the same as everyone else.
  16. Shytalk

    Fishing Competition not scoring

    I am only running the competition. Now my ships are making a second run on their own without prompting. Obviously a glitch on this competition.
  17. Guys it's happening again - to me this time. I had idle ships with route numbers still showing on their pic at the bottom of the main screen. Perhaps this glitch could be resolved on the Tuesday maintenance?
  18. Shytalk

    Problem with Company build mode

    Now when hovering over the bank in upgrade mode the information for the upgrade does not appear. A small glitch I am sure can be checked and solved with your upgrade. Thanks.
  19. Tried it Cookie-San but the BBcode doesn't seem to work. Even tried using a screenshot of pics with the code but nope.
  20. Shytalk

    Problem with Company build mode

    Yep sometimes when in build mode it sticks and I cannot exit, so I have to reboot the game.
  21. I have been often confused by the message when you close down an accepted offer as per this screen image http://prntscr.com/e74onz I cannot find a way that "renews" the offer so is this redundant or has the renewal been forgotten about? Just a weird message that does nothing. Cheers...
  22. Shytalk

    Feedback - Outlook for 2017

    I would like to vote for the Lighthouse to be the new training Academy.
  23. Shytalk

    Suggestion - Fish Factory History

    Here's a screenshot of the sort of thing I had in mind - the cell colours are done with Conditional Formatting http://prntscr.com/e76rlo
  24. Suggestion: Can we please have the Fish Factory History changed to a simple table showing which member has produced in the factory with the latest date of production and their production average for the week. This will save us having to scroll through many pages of history trying to find out who is/is not producing. At the moment this is a tedious task taking up a lot of precious time better spent playing the game.