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  1. Suggestion: Can we please have the Fish Factory History changed to a simple table showing which member has produced in the factory with the latest date of production and their production average for the week. This will save us having to scroll through many pages of history trying to find out who is/is not producing. At the moment this is a tedious task taking up a lot of precious time better spent playing the game.
  2. Can I suggest that a facility be made to enable the company leadership to be able to have a "leaders Circular" or some such thing so that leadership discussions can be held without having to do single PMs to all and single replies to individuals. The ability to "Reply to all" would be of great benefit as well and enable discussions and company decisions to be carried out much more efficiently. The Chair could have the ability to decide which of his team would be included in a leadership discussion and the Leaders Circular or whatever.
  3. To help low level players who join a company and struggle with limited resources could you consider adding a new tab in the Trade Office which would be similar to the Raw Materials market where players in the same company can trade raw materials with each other and avoid the risk of going to the open market when offering Raw at cheap prices to help their team members? Higher level players in a company would then be able to help their new team members or newbies joining the company to have the resources to grow faster.
  4. Agreed. Perhaps some animation as well - like if your roads connect to the warehouse(s) and the main road then it would be good to have the trucks arrive and depart randomly as if we were actually producing and selling. A truck could set off on a journey when the company sells some of it stock?
  5. I would like to suggest that the company structure is changed to allow flexibility and strength in depth to cover for holidays and sickness. I would like to suggest the following additional positions (a) to reward consistent active players who really contribute and (b) to achieve the above: These would be: Chair, Deputy Chair 2nd and 3rd in Command Recruiting Officer and Deputy Shipwreck Quest Manager and Deputy Plus the current Reps and POT roles of course Additionally I would suggest that each players name as it appears in the company HQ list of members has the country flag next to the name to make it easier to know which time zone our members are in so the Roles above can be better split across time zones for consistency and balance. I realise that younger, smaller companies may not have enough members to fill all roles but it's something they can aspire to as they grow.
  6. Yumfy - couldn't agree more. Especially now there's an EN-1 server. Great suggestion.