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  1. Just realised I missed the word not in one sentence. It should have read "by thinking and NOT typing until the red mist has dispersed"
  2. Rightly or wrongly we haven't bought ALL of the recipes due to the range of products required in daily assignments and keeping them all in stock.
  3. Must have missed this one. Excellent point. Please don't dismiss it on privacy grounds. It's the names of virtual companies that a virtual player name has joined and left. Nice quick database lookup if the tables are there. If not add them and the history starts from now. Add to that a box for text when people request to join. It must not be optional. So the application won't complete without it. Yes people can type gobbledegook but they don't pass go and do not collect £200
  4. The game tests communications and tactics. Those tactics can only be passed on with good communications. removing a communications method, because most people don't use it is NOT the fault of those that do use it. Most players can't afford to buy resources but no one would remove that ability for the same reason that being most players don't use it. I/We could come up with a large number of examples that would show removing the surveys is a really bad decision. There's also a lot of German text re-appearing in the game. One example is the shipyard as you purchase a new ship. There are a number of boxes where you accept/ confirm an action that are being affected.
  5. I just wanted to congratulate the new forum and chat mods. We all know it will be a thankless task when you have to take action but go for it with a clear head and kid gloves. Hopefully there will be no mod baiting as previously witnessed and everyone will support your work by thinking and typing until the red mist has dispersed. Well done. I am sure many like myself thought of applying but felt they couldn't give the level of commitment needed.
  6. The surveys were very useful but it was a shame that only one could be run at one time. When a company is looking for a series of views at one time. This would have allowed the process to take a day or two as opposed to well over a week. I think they should be brought back in an enhanced format.
  7. I hope this is an unintentional "feature" of the upgrade. When doing a company fishing assignment it no longer show how much of that type of fish you have in your warehouse. This is a backward step and means a lot more clicks instead of seeing the amount when hovering the old deposit button. I hope that this can be reversed.
  8. I think this is a really good idea and certainly doesn't turn it into a war game. A little bit of an over reaction there I am afraid Sall. Then of course the Companies in 2nd and 3rd place could merge which is more than likely all that Sall is bothered about. there has been a lot of banter for a certain company and it has been very aggressive. It reminds me of the old say "Be nice to the people that you meet on the way up as you may meet them on the way back down again!" In other games I have play Companies, Alliances, clans, call them what you will have merged and enhanced the gameplay. It certainly livens things up. In those games the players held the points and took them where they went to. BigBait may be too difficult given the assets of the companies involved. Merely my thoughts and opinions folks.
  9. I must admit that there are some strange colours used where the foreground text and background MUST cause problems for those that are colour blind. Colour blindness not being a blindness of colours but the fact that certain colours merge into each other and can't be seen.
  10. We can't move anything but luckily we can upgrade. It's as though when something was added the page info got corrupted so errors are appearing when any graphical changes are made.
  11. Hi People, Does anyone else suffer from problems when in build mode in the Company? If I enter build mode it is not possible to exit correctly. I have to refresh the tab. This isn't something new so has nothing to do with a recent upgrades. It started mid December. My reps have the same problem. We have all cleared caches, rebooted computers and even different browsers. It began straight after I put our last bungalow in. A box came up saying an error occurred but the bungalow was placed. Trying to exit build mode then didn't work. I went back in to try to move some buildings and keep getting this error message. So we cannot move buildings. I put the new monument in today and got the same error but the monument was put in place. Any advice and/or intervention from the Devs would be appreciated. TIA
  12. Without 2 way dialogue nothing can happen and I am hopeful that we are in dialogue. There are a number of changes that have been made. Negativity gets us nowhere. I have read a fair amount of the German boards and it often descends into chaos/anarchy with people entrenched in their views that UniKat won't sort things. If three things are put forward and one is taken on board and put in action then I call that a success. To think that every single thing can be implicated , well, it just doesn't happen. Any programming changes can have a knock on effect. I have more hope for this game than others I play where there is NO dialogue with the support and/or devs. We have to keep the dream alive.
  13. One of my members reported this to me. The only way to deal with it is to go to full screen. Big Bait seems to use pixels instead of percentages on some things which means it doesn't cope well at a lower resolution. If it's on a laptop you more than likely are running at the best resolution. It really shouldn't happen. Even at a higher resolution, as has already been mentioned, you still have to close down the small map to be able to get to Tblisi. HTH
  14. Would it be possible to have 2 extra forums/threads added for Help/advice and a Common Room to bring it closer in line with the German Section? TIA
  15. Hi, I was looking at someone's profile and then clicked to send them a message. The message screen/box opened behind the profile box. This means that you have to delete the profile box to send the messages. Which in turn means you need to open the profile again to send an invite. This may be linked to the open profile, click on company, select another person from the company and it opens behind everything else. May just be ordering that require a tweak.