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  1. Of course it is Daily assignments bring +1 item.
  2. This is in the bank at the moment. It is only one item but maybe some items do not have a corresponding translation in the db? tems - Daily Assignments Tägliche Aufträge bringen + 1 Items.
  3. The inability to click Company buildings appears to be gone. Touch wood and fingers crossed and it's really nice to be able to tidy up our Company area now so many people visit. Thanks again.
  4. Absolutely brilliant answer LeMatz. I don't know if someone removed that tile but it isn't there anymore. In and out of build mode now with no problem. I also moved a couple of items to check and all's well. I am back testing in Chrome to see if the Company buildings stop working. I can only hope that is cured. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. This issue is still causing us problems. Can anything be done to resolve this? Since yesterday no matter how many times I refresh my browser and clear the cache I cannot click on the buildings in the company area. It works for a short time after a reboot but then stops working again.
  6. Ok guys. First up. We completed our Trawler straight away. Now there may be Companies that will have used their sleighs as part of the equation as to which level they went after on the Trawler and as that has been factored in they might find it difficult to complete the trawler in an "optimum" period of time to maximise its output. The sleigh was given a new end time and that really should be adhered to to keep a level playing field for those that had sleighs. I realise that the sleighs swayed the game in favour of those that managed to get one but everyone should have known there were "goodies" on offer on the Sundays. As I said. We have the trawler so no axe to grind from us. The sleigh has to go at some point but not when it will disadvantage a strategy that some companies will have adopted.based on the timer on the sleigh.
  7. Ah off course! It makes sense now.
  8. I have encountered a number of problems over the last few days. The number of routes on ships has been static and not changing. Also when looking for a fishing ground and checking the percentages, the percentages have been wrong, they are outdated from earlier in the day and showing they change at 11am. As it happens after say 1pm it is plainly wrong and hasn't updated at 11am. I got caught once by it and was ready to launch 4 ships when I realised that the percentages weren't what was displayed. Obviously this is vital when calculating where to fish for assignments.
  9. Is it done the way it is because it is the order you get the fish in. A re-order button should fix it.
  10. It's a shame that it is only for one hour when 2 gold bars would normally buy you a decent 6hr add on plus it can be bought with credit. It can obviously end up wasted on a low value ship that has very low warehouse space to begin with. I am not a fan of this addition to the game. I have also not bothered changing the avatar. Now I might if it had any real effect on the game other than stopping me from looking like a red neck step-child
  11. Just realised I missed the word not in one sentence. It should have read "by thinking and NOT typing until the red mist has dispersed"
  12. Rightly or wrongly we haven't bought ALL of the recipes due to the range of products required in daily assignments and keeping them all in stock.
  13. Must have missed this one. Excellent point. Please don't dismiss it on privacy grounds. It's the names of virtual companies that a virtual player name has joined and left. Nice quick database lookup if the tables are there. If not add them and the history starts from now. Add to that a box for text when people request to join. It must not be optional. So the application won't complete without it. Yes people can type gobbledegook but they don't pass go and do not collect £200
  14. The game tests communications and tactics. Those tactics can only be passed on with good communications. removing a communications method, because most people don't use it is NOT the fault of those that do use it. Most players can't afford to buy resources but no one would remove that ability for the same reason that being most players don't use it. I/We could come up with a large number of examples that would show removing the surveys is a really bad decision. There's also a lot of German text re-appearing in the game. One example is the shipyard as you purchase a new ship. There are a number of boxes where you accept/ confirm an action that are being affected.