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  1. Is it possible to have separate areas for BB1 and BB2 discussions. The rules and workings of the games are very different and a response where the person thought the OP was discussing BB1 when they were discussing BB2 can be quite confusing. BB2 is another game with different mechanics and on screen items. It's not too difficult to do this in the forum software. TIA Ed Oh and once that is done why not promote the forum in both of the games. I've seen some very dangerous and costly advice given out by so called know it alls in the in game general chats
  2. Big Bait eng2

    I wondered why the Production yes/no was there and all was revealed. Thank you @LeMatz
  3. What doesn't seem to have been addressed is that when the patch was done our warehouse capacity dropped. The warehouse was fine under the old method but now it was overstocked and it stopped any new products from being made. It literally shut us down until an admin came along and added the extra warehouses to get close to evening it up. The Company side of the game is in a mess. There's no incentive for people to do anything for the company. Companies are struggling to get 5 members and sometimes hanging on to dead wood as that is better than losing the penalty percentages. Some teams want to have lower numbers with players that are "tight" (loyal to the company and will go the extra mile) and can end up life long friends. Come on guys. You really must address some of these problems. Lowering the number needed before penalties kick in to 4 or 3 would be a starter. As there are benefits to having low numbers those benefits are by far outweighed by the benefits when companies have such large numbers.
  4. Could someone please let us know what is happening with the maintenance? This is the only way to contact you guys if the game is down. 2 1/2 hours after maintenance should have ended and it is still going on. According to the page it should have ended at 08:00. Ed
  5. Can any enlighten me as to how the company benefits by expanding (levelling up) the Headquarters. Is seems it is only to gain extra prestige but does that actually do anything for the Company? Thanks for reading.
  6. Certificate language problem.

    Of course it is Daily assignments bring +1 item.
  7. This is in the bank at the moment. It is only one item but maybe some items do not have a corresponding translation in the db? tems - Daily Assignments Tägliche Aufträge bringen + 1 Items.
  8. Problem with Company build mode

    The inability to click Company buildings appears to be gone. Touch wood and fingers crossed and it's really nice to be able to tidy up our Company area now so many people visit. Thanks again.
  9. Problem with Company build mode

    Absolutely brilliant answer LeMatz. I don't know if someone removed that tile but it isn't there anymore. In and out of build mode now with no problem. I also moved a couple of items to check and all's well. I am back testing in Chrome to see if the Company buildings stop working. I can only hope that is cured. Thank you for your assistance.
  10. Problem with Company build mode

    This issue is still causing us problems. Can anything be done to resolve this? Since yesterday no matter how many times I refresh my browser and clear the cache I cannot click on the buildings in the company area. It works for a short time after a reboot but then stops working again.
  11. Ok guys. First up. We completed our Trawler straight away. Now there may be Companies that will have used their sleighs as part of the equation as to which level they went after on the Trawler and as that has been factored in they might find it difficult to complete the trawler in an "optimum" period of time to maximise its output. The sleigh was given a new end time and that really should be adhered to to keep a level playing field for those that had sleighs. I realise that the sleighs swayed the game in favour of those that managed to get one but everyone should have known there were "goodies" on offer on the Sundays. As I said. We have the trawler so no axe to grind from us. The sleigh has to go at some point but not when it will disadvantage a strategy that some companies will have adopted.based on the timer on the sleigh.
  12. Improving Fishing Ground selection

    Ah off course! It makes sense now.
  13. I have encountered a number of problems over the last few days. The number of routes on ships has been static and not changing. Also when looking for a fishing ground and checking the percentages, the percentages have been wrong, they are outdated from earlier in the day and showing they change at 11am. As it happens after say 1pm it is plainly wrong and hasn't updated at 11am. I got caught once by it and was ready to launch 4 ships when I realised that the percentages weren't what was displayed. Obviously this is vital when calculating where to fish for assignments.
  14. Improving Fishing Ground selection

    Is it done the way it is because it is the order you get the fish in. A re-order button should fix it.