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  1. Excellent idea.
  2. Exiled are currently hiring. We currently have 3 factories.All at Lvl 5 doing up to Sushi x5 Our HQ is currently at Lvl 6 We are a laid back crew (although we do expect company members to pull their weight but realise players may take a time out for a few days when needed) that helps each other along the way although we ARE ambitious and intend to move ourselves up at boards. We are in the top 10 Companies every week. Which nicely shows the effort being put in by a team with, currently, 8 members with room for 2 very active players that will contribute to our work in the fish factoies. As we are relatively new we are working towards raising the overall ranking and it is coming down every week. We have the Trawler Factory twice and aim to get one every time they appear. . The Company is named after Exiled an Alliance in the Blue Frog Gaming series of Starfleet Commander. The only difference here is we don't get to kill anyone and burn their ships. We always have RUM and Cookies at hand and keep our blades clean and sharp in case Big Bait introduces the pillaging of opponents ships. Because so many companies have been in existence for a while they have a virtually unassailable lead so we concentrate on keeping the weekly averages in the right ranges. The rest will come together. Please message in game Wanderer4895 or Qaz for more information or look for our Company and request to join. Ed
  3. We could also do with the ability to send longer messages. When you are trying to send out information to the members it looks ridiculous if you hit the buffer and have to carry on typing in a second or third message. Communications are already troublesome without using external applications to discuss matters. Also if a Company is very active regarding assignments then the notifications soon puch the important info down the page to where members may not scroll down.
  4. Hi Chrischan, I feel a sledgehammer has been used to crack a nut or that you've used the easiest bit of code to sort the problem of changing companies during the trawler events. It should have been simplified to stop a player returning to the company they originally left by putting a 60 limit on that happening. If someone leaves company A. As soon as they join company B then there is a 60 day period before they can return to company A. If, as we assume, trawler events are monthly, this mean they miss at least one trawler event with their favoured company. Trawler events are a good recruitment tool and this will not be the case if players recruited after the event has already started are excluded from doing work on the trawler. Wanderer