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  1. SSGMorris

    Feedback - Big Bait 2.0

    I have noticed that the warehouse upgrades are getting very expensive for such small amounts of added tonnage for both personal and company. While other buildings are acceptable prices for the upgrades. I think BB2 needs to be looked at for this issue. What do you all think on this subject?
  2. SSGMorris

    BB-2 Feed Back and Suggestions

    Yes, it would be nice to be able to track each players contribution to the Fish Reloading Site. Something along the lines of the Fish Factory History. It would also be nice for the Fish Reloading Site Assignments to work like the Port Assignments on calculation of Fish being fished for the assignment like the Port Assignments do. Sometimes I feel like my ships are not getting credit for the Fish Reloading Sites because they stay gray while assigning a ship or ships to the task.
  3. SSGMorris

    Company Ships

    I don't know about other players but as a Company Chair I would like to be able to see company ships on the world map. I understand that it is confusing for some to see that many ships but I enjoyed being able to see the ships other then my own (kind of boring and lonely). I also understand the pulling nets and the motivation which are very handy but I would like to see Company Ships. How many of you miss seeing Company Ships on the World Map??
  4. SSGMorris

    Feedback - Big Bait 2.0

    I like the game overall.
  5. SSGMorris

    Morris Fishing Co. Recruiting

    We are on EN2 server.
  6. SSGMorris

    Morris Fishing Co. Recruiting

    Morris Fishing Co. currently recruiting sailors of all levels. We welcome newcomers and are willing to teach the fundamentals of the game. No pressure company, we just ask for you to do what you can. Message us in game: SSGMorris or marinetech or mathew12446 or apply in game. Come grow with us and enjoy the game.
  7. SSGMorris

    BB-2 Feed Back and Suggestions

    As a player of the game, I like the new version (Big Bait 2). I think there can be some tweeks to game play. I look forward to see what improvements will be made. Overall I give this new version 2 thumbs up.
  8. SSGMorris

    Upgrade build times

    I believe that the upgrade build times need to re-worked. Upgrading a Bungalow to level 3 with a 76 hours build time is a bit extreme when other buildings take half that time or less. Also the upgrade times for the higher levels (level 55 and up) in the port are the same way. What do you other sailors think about the upgrade / build times? Any input would be appreciated.
  9. SSGMorris

    Game Clock

    I would like to suggest a game / server clock that is always shown and running either to the left or right of your materials / status. Sometimes when Public Contracts have a start time I don't understand or know when that time is because I have no way to track it. I am looking for other opinions and/or suggestions on this topic. Thank you for reading this suggestion.
  10. SSGMorris

    Survey Timer/clock.

    You know I support it and I voted in support of it.
  11. SSGMorris

    Survey Timer

    I would like to see a survey timer for the amount of time given to surveys to company members to vote on things. The Company Chair or the Representative, which ever, starts a survey and is able to set a time limit in which voting takes place on a survey. Currently company members can take as long as they want to vote on any survey which can change the result of the survey. If a timer is set it can limit how long someone can vote on a particular survey. Thank you for your time I look forward to any feedback on this subject.