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  1. and from the other side of the fence... STOP
  2. greetings: I tend to be slow sometimes . i am just now noticing that in the Office under the shop tabs you can find everything from matts to experience, So if all of that has a price Ie.. especially experience ,then why not the one item that is missing " Prestige" i am pretty sure some would like to buy their-selves to the top or be able to help buy their way there. bragging rights are important to some. sail on ***FISH ON ! *** me
  3. OLD time rock and roll . on IHeart radio
  4. Greetings I was thinking it would be nice if we could have a timer added to the ship planing pop up box when doing a fishing assignment. to better explain i have place a picture below . notice the upper left hand corner , i think this would be helpful when planing how many trip a player would want to make with in the event time . I would like other players thoughts and feed back on this as well as those in the big bait dev department. thanks for looking and ***FISH ON ! **** Me
  5. Sir Hubris: you know the old saying. 1st goes the eyes then the ..... signs of old age. Haven said that i agree ( i must be old ) as i have a hard time seeing in the case you have mentioned. Me
  6. Greetings I think Hubris may be on to something with this as in the real world companys are bought and traded daily,
  7. Greeting my i suggest that the players have a setting to turn off company ships on their screen? at the lest a setting for the company chair to turn off that option tks Me
  8. Also upgrading my radar only moves the black edges out on the sides does not help with the top or bottom visibility
  9. Greetings I have a problem seeing the top and bottom of the fishing grounds and port globe when i am sending ships out to fish I have tried using different browsers chrome,foxfire ,maxthon,safari ,opera , explorer and even mad duck .they all come up looking the same and i am not able to resize the globe to fit the box? here is a photo as they say a photo is worth 10000 words the black arrow points to a port on my list but not view-able on the map also a couple of fishing grounds can bee seen but the pop up box drops down and you can not read the fish or the % of fish. thanks Mr.yumfy
  10. Ms.Sallania Some of the more honorable higher lvl players i can see that being fact. and if that is the reason then again the mats and mats market needs to be addressed and re-vamped. as well as increasing the cost of things or making more items/objects for higher lvls as one lvl's as to keep up with the bounty of credits available to the lvl However when its stated ( "i did it because i can") in gen chat followed by the comment i have so many the numbers dont even show in my mat boxes. is this a need for mats for ff's or greed Ma'am? i think we can agree that not everyone plays with the same intentions or the same manner and the big bait team is doing the best they can to address the players issues . Mr.yumfy