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  1. Ahoy, Fellow Sailors: Seems to be some confusion about who can and cannot take part in the "Trawler event". I hope the following will help explain this: 1: All players in a company before the Trawler spawns can take part. 2: Any new or returning player that joins the company after the trawler has spawned CAN NOT take part until the next Trawler Event. New companies: Have to be in existence thirty days prior to receiving a Trawler Event after creating a new Company and the 30 days are gone by, the Trawler can spawn within the next 30 days. Company lockout: If a player leaves a company they must wait thirty days to return to that company only they may join another company immediately the company lockout has nothing to do with the trawler event other than if it causes the player to rejoin after the trawler has spawned. in that case rule two applies. Hope this helps FISH ON! Mr.yumfy
  2. Ahoy , as Saloniki stated it is only a April fools joke But the idea you have come up with sounds like it could be fun. may be from this joke will come a new event. .
  3. i will bring this up to those in the know . @Cookie-san @chrischan
  4. General Certificates constitutes a central element of the game, which makes the transition between single player and multiplayer in Big Bait. These securities' can in the bank will be auctioned on the company card. All company ranks of confidant and older can make a bid. In addition, the required certificate for silver bullion can be bought directly, it should not have worked at the auction. Basically, all the certificates have a term of 24 hours, and certificates of the same type can not be double-activated. Only different certificates can run in parallel. The Bank always 8 Certificates will be offered at the same time. Which certificates, these are, is determined by a random generator. After the auction ends, the certificates provided are replaced by 8 new, random certificates. For silver bullion to buy the desired certificate directly. The direct purchase will not affect the auction and the other party may continue to provide the appropriate certificate. So for silver bullion you arise a duplicate. stack Certificates It is possible to stack up to five certificates of the same type, so as to obtain a stronger effect. Here, the values of the certificates purchased add easily. If a company, for example the certificate raw materials - yard rises twice, the value of 50% of increased to 100% in 5 certificates to 250%. This principle is applied equally for all certificates. If you stack certificates representing several auctions of time, not the term is extended each time to 24 hours! It continues to apply the term of the first acquired certificate! Because the certificates are available in 2-hour intervals, one can reach a maximum of a period of 16 hours with maximum values without the use of silver bars so. If you buy the duplicates with silver bullion can get the full benefit of a 5-fold certificate for 24 hours. In the game there are currently several certificates that are listed below: Name description Experience - Fishing Increases obtaining experience points while fishing by 5%. Credits - Fish MarketIncreases revenue of credits at the fish market by 10%. Ship - speed All ships sail & work 5% faster. Items - Strength All percentage item values obtained + 3%. Items - Volume All consumable items include 10% more. Single Player Events The delivered tons in single player events are increased by 5%. Competitions The delivered tons in competitions to be increased by 3%. Commodities - Bauhof The production of raw materials in the yard is increased by 50%. Credits - Daily Orders Daily orders bring 10% more credits. Commodities - Daily Orders Daily orders bring 20% more raw materials. Items - Daily Orders Daily orders bring + 1 Item. Fish factory - production The reward in producing goods is increased by 25%. View - Fish Order Fish orders bring 50% more secondary reputation. View - Production Order Orders bring 20% more secondary reputation.
  5. Shytalk is correct improved game : thumbs up devs! So Twig if you do the math ** ten bars of gold given for free to you and it only took you five bars to get the avatar the way you wanted equals a five gold bar profit and 100% better avatar choices Just mt two fishies Fish on Dudes !
  6. monument clicks poll
  7. and from the other side of the fence... STOP
  8. greetings: I tend to be slow sometimes . i am just now noticing that in the Office under the shop tabs you can find everything from matts to experience, So if all of that has a price Ie.. especially experience ,then why not the one item that is missing " Prestige" i am pretty sure some would like to buy their-selves to the top or be able to help buy their way there. bragging rights are important to some. sail on ***FISH ON ! *** me