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  1. @chucksign up at Pick en1 if you want to play in English
  2. I agree with Wanderer , even though the action taken was a good 1st step it did not go far enough .
  3. Would it be possible to get some clarity on whether or not other languages beside English can be used in en1 gen, chat. i have read the T.O.U and the netiquette/rules,and unless missed, i can not find were English is the only language allowed.
  4. I agree with masta, just seems there would be a lot of players taken unfair advantage and give the higher lvls even more way to take advantage of the raw markets.
  5. The topic of having a timer on Surveys on Company surveys/polls and who should control it, I'm interested in other players ideas and opinion on it. so please take time to vote in the poll and leave replys
  6. Would it be possible to have a Chatbox under the English section ? Sense the improvements to a lot of the forum making it easier for English game players to register and log in more are visiting the forum and may have use for it.