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  3. Alexander von Humbolt , Fliegende Holländer sind zu lang ich habe es versucht mit Alexander von Humbolt habe ich dann AvH abgekürzt
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    Well our FFs will soon be 11/7/6 ... if there was and edit button or delete, I'd do it that way. This forum seems quite limited in that way. Have a good day
  6. I think it's ok as it is now. The monument generates an additional free (!) activity point which is nearly worth a week full of assignments (calculating with 3 fishing/production assignments per day). As a company chair I wouldn't rely on the monument's effect and when everything runs well and the game starts being competitive it's a nice and useful addition. Speaking of fairness; no one is forced to visit the top ten companies Best way might be a visitor number related to the company's size to gain the same effect. Question is; how should a related factor be defined? Reputation? Company's progress? Last week's / global ranking? Balancing this might be a hard work =) BTT: ten visits are ok, changing that number might need a rebalance as mentioned by Nabs
  7. 10 is plenty as it's so tedious, what would be an idea is dropping the 100 to 50, smaller companies will struggle to get 100 clicks once a week due to being low down on the company listings.. higher level companies its easier as they have there name at the top all the time.. So would make it fairer for smaller companies..
  8. und wieder einer weg so langsam wirds einsam hier
  9. macht doch weiter bunte sachen, ich bin weg, kann ja ja seit monaten nicht normal spielen, hatt immer noch keiner gesagt warum ich fabriken brauche, ciao
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  11. Nach 69 kommt die Nah Nah was ?
  12. Of course it is Daily assignments bring +1 item.
  13. This is in the bank at the moment. It is only one item but maybe some items do not have a corresponding translation in the db? tems - Daily Assignments Tägliche Aufträge bringen + 1 Items.
  14. Ok, ich probier mal was aus, trotzdem wäre es schön, wenn die Entwickler dies hinbekommen.
  15. Moin, falls die genannten Meldung auftaucht, kann es am "https"-Protokoll liegen. Wenn du Big Bait über "http" aufrufst, sollte diese Meldung nicht auftreten. Ändere das einfach oben an der URL-Adresszeile, wenn du Big Bait aufrufst. Wenn diese Meldung eingeblendet wird, muss man sich jedoch keine Sorgen machen. Es fehlt wahrscheinlich nur eine Zulassung dafür. Das Entwicklerteam ist sich des Problems bereits bewusst und es wird gegebenfalls behoben.
  16. Es hat sich nichts geändert......gibts hier keine Antworten? Ich hab schon mit mehreren anderen Leuten geschrieben, bei allen wird die Seite als unsicher angezeigt. die daten werden nicht verschlüsselt übertragen.
  17. I am pretty sure it is because they were purchased under 1 activity bonus and received a 24 hour extension, after that activity bonus expired we swapped 25 points for another large bonus which should give us another 24 hour extension. Unless I am totally reading this wrong: Large bonus (5 days) 100% more credits for association assignments 25% on Boost bonus Certificate extended by 24 hours
  18. Thank you for messaging us. Right now we are looking into it and we will extend the time of the stack where the activity Bonus did not take effect.
  19. It seems that when I do a swap 25 all certificates in the bank should extend by 24 hours. Our company's certificates have not extended when we did a back to back swap after one expired and we started another. Is this a bug?
  20. Is there scope to add a multiple item use within the game. I have a lost of the same type of Fuel cans and it would be much easier if i could just select how many i want to use instead of having to click 3 or 4 time just to use 1.
  21. Many Thanks!!!! it helped a lot to all of us in the company. Bless you for so quick reply!!!
  22. Таблица как аппать баркасы. Сколько будет выловлено рыбы за отведенное время, расход топлива и т.д. как апать баркасы.xlsx
  23. The inability to click Company buildings appears to be gone. Touch wood and fingers crossed and it's really nice to be able to tidy up our Company area now so many people visit. Thanks again.
  24. General Certificates constitutes a central element of the game, which makes the transition between single player and multiplayer in Big Bait. These securities' can in the bank will be auctioned on the company card. All company ranks of confidant and older can make a bid. In addition, the required certificate for silver bullion can be bought directly, it should not have worked at the auction. Basically, all the certificates have a term of 24 hours, and certificates of the same type can not be double-activated. Only different certificates can run in parallel. The Bank always 8 Certificates will be offered at the same time. Which certificates, these are, is determined by a random generator. After the auction ends, the certificates provided are replaced by 8 new, random certificates. For silver bullion to buy the desired certificate directly. The direct purchase will not affect the auction and the other party may continue to provide the appropriate certificate. So for silver bullion you arise a duplicate. stack Certificates It is possible to stack up to five certificates of the same type, so as to obtain a stronger effect. Here, the values of the certificates purchased add easily. If a company, for example the certificate raw materials - yard rises twice, the value of 50% of increased to 100% in 5 certificates to 250%. This principle is applied equally for all certificates. If you stack certificates representing several auctions of time, not the term is extended each time to 24 hours! It continues to apply the term of the first acquired certificate! Because the certificates are available in 2-hour intervals, one can reach a maximum of a period of 16 hours with maximum values without the use of silver bars so. If you buy the duplicates with silver bullion can get the full benefit of a 5-fold certificate for 24 hours. In the game there are currently several certificates that are listed below: Name description Experience - Fishing Increases obtaining experience points while fishing by 5%. Credits - Fish MarketIncreases revenue of credits at the fish market by 10%. Ship - speed All ships sail & work 5% faster. Items - Strength All percentage item values obtained + 3%. Items - Volume All consumable items include 10% more. Single Player Events The delivered tons in single player events are increased by 5%. Competitions The delivered tons in competitions to be increased by 3%. Commodities - Bauhof The production of raw materials in the yard is increased by 50%. Credits - Daily Orders Daily orders bring 10% more credits. Commodities - Daily Orders Daily orders bring 20% more raw materials. Items - Daily Orders Daily orders bring + 1 Item. Fish factory - production The reward in producing goods is increased by 25%. View - Fish Order Fish orders bring 50% more secondary reputation. View - Production Order Orders bring 20% more secondary reputation.
  25. Absolutely brilliant answer LeMatz. I don't know if someone removed that tile but it isn't there anymore. In and out of build mode now with no problem. I also moved a couple of items to check and all's well. I am back testing in Chrome to see if the Company buildings stop working. I can only hope that is cured. Thank you for your assistance.
  26. Hey, Maybe a help: sometimes the ingame GUI gets buggy when the browser zoomed in / out. There are two kinds of zoom; the browser itself can zoom a webpage, visible ingame in form of modified GUI elements, and the game zoom which doesn't affect the GUI. Make sure your browser did not zoom the page (mostly via hotkey [CTRL] + [0] or via browser menu) have a look for red areas when switching in your building mode; there was a road tile on your map that made it outside the build area. I'm not sure if that matters for the building mode itself but at least when you exit it there will be an error
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